Working in collaboration with the Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research (CCNR), we are striving to develop tools that help to increase both the speed and accuracy of mental health diagnosis. As part of our funding from Innovate UK, we are supporting the Delta Trial - a large-scale clinical trial centered around a combined digital and biological diagnostic tool for mood disorders. This trial represents the culmination of scientific insights emerging from over a decade of research at the CCNR, and the application of innovative adaptive technology.

Scientific research has found that many individuals with depression or bipolar disorder are initially misdiagnosed, and in some cases, the correct diagnosis is not obtained for a decade or more. These mistakes occur because many of the symptoms of mental illnesses overlap. For example, when someone with bipolar disorder is low in mood their symptoms are often identical to someone who suffers from depression. However, the consequences of misdiagnosis can be devastating for the patient. The long delay in reaching a correct diagnosis can lead to patients receiving inappropriate treatment which they may fail to respond to, or which may make their symptoms worse.

The Delta Trial, launching in April 2018, is part of a research program conducted by the Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research (CCNR) led by Professor Bahn and supported by Psyomics. Through this trial, we aim to develop a more accurate way of diagnosing depression and bipolar disorder by combining a digital questionnaire with a blood spot test for biological markers. The outcomes of this study will be used to refine and guide development of a tool that can be used to aid diagnosis by patients and clinicians alike. If successful, the Delta Trial could be a major step forward in our efforts to improve the lives of patients, getting to the correct diagnosis sooner and facilitating access to earlier and more effective treatment.

To see more about this project visit  www.deltatrial.co.uk

The Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research (CCNR), led by Professor Bahn, has spent more than a decade conducting an internationally recognised research program investigating the molecular basis of mental illnesses including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and schizophrenia. Scientists at CCNR have published more than 200 academic papers identifying key molecular hallmarks of these illnesses in blood, brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid which have shed new light on these relatively poorly understood disorders.

The joint mission of Psyomics and CCNR is to translate research findings from the lab bench to the clinic. By utilising scientific breakthroughs and our growing understanding of the processes underlying mental illnesses to develop better diagnostics and self-help tools, Psyomics and CCNR believe they can ultimately change people’s lives and help them overcome these devastating conditions.

To find out more visit  https://ccnr.ceb.cam.ac.uk

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