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Expanding capacity for care in NHS services

We understand the challenges faced by NHS services in delivering effective mental health care. Increasing demand and stretched resources means every second of clinical time is valuable. We work with NHS providers to expand their capacity for care and get people into the right treatment faster.

Utilise clinical time

Using our digital mental health assessment platform Censeo, clinicians can access rich insights into service users’ mental health needs from the first point of contact, to utilise their time and make more informed decisions.


How do we do this?

Censeo is an easy to use platform that takes service users through a series of personalised questions, to build a detailed picture of their mental health symptoms, concerns and history. This information is used to generate a practical clinical report with key information and insights for better pathway and treatment planning.

Putting Censo at the front door of services can increase the value of every touch point, reducing the reliance on clinicians to gather routine data and ensuring that service users are put onto the right pathway first time.

Why NHS providers choose us

We believe that making mental health assessments more consistent, accurate and efficient helps services to utilise their time and in turn get more people into the right treatment faster.

We work with our NHS partners to understand their current pathways and processes, to implement Censeo in the most effective way. By ensuring a smooth implementation process, clinicians can start using Censeo’s insights quickly and easily.



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