Our Mission

Enabling a deeper understanding of mental health needs.

Every year, millions of people experience mental health concerns but struggle to access the treatment they need. We know that delays in starting the right treatment have a negative impact on a person’s wellbeing and their chance of achieving good outcomes.

Our mission at Psyomics is to help everybody find the best mental health support for their needs, when they need it. To achieve this we are using technology and data to improve the way mental health conditions are identified and managed, to get more people into the right treatment at a faster rate.

By enabling a deeper understanding of someone’s symptoms, concerns and history up-front, we aim to identify potential conditions and the best care pathway from the first point of contact, and help healthcare services better utilise their workforce.


Our vision and research.


Our vision is to build a world where everyone can easily and confidently access the best mental health treatment for their unique needs.

We are researching ways that technology, biochemistry and data can be utilised to develop new methodologies for identifying, categorising and treating mental health conditions, to produce accurate predictions and personalised recommendations at scale.

Using data to understand which factors make different treatment options more successful than others based on an individual’s symptoms and demographics can unlock insights for powerful improvements in population mental health and wellbeing.

Our story.

Psyomics was spun-out from Cambridge University through the Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research (CCNR).

Led by Professor Sabine Bahn, laboratory Director, Professor of Neurotechnology and practising psychiatraist, CCNR’s internationally recognised scientific team carries out fundamental and applied research into the causes and treatment of major neuropsychiatric disorders, with a particular focus on bipolar and major depressive disorder. Seeking to translate these findings from the research lab to the front line of care, Psyomics began developing a comprehensive digital mental health assessment platform for clinical trial, with Sabine as our Chief Medical Officer.  

Conducted in collaboration with CCNR, the Delta trial was a single-centre investigator-led randomised controlled trial (RCT)with more than 5,000 participants and used Psyomics’ software, creating the precursor to Psyomics’ Censeo platform. 

Sabine has now been joined by a dedicated and passionate team to deliver on our mission to help everybody find the best mental health support for their needs, when they need it.


Our Development.

Following the success of the RCT, Psyomics has continued to develop the Censeo platform for use in real–world healthcare settings to identify potential conditions and give valuable insights to support clinical decision making. The RCT insights, together with extensive input from clinicians and patient groups, were used to further refine Censeo’s algorithms and expand the scope of the assessment. Censeo now provides assessment for all major mood and anxiety disorders, and brings value across the health system.