At Psyomics, we believe that a huge difference to the population’s mental health can be made by increasingly focusing on the earliest stages of mental health concerns, before any substantial compromises in life quality develop. To-date, our focus on prevention and early detection has lead to the development of Tresilio - a workplace-based mental health app providing personalised insights, education and advice for employees struggling with their mental health to any degree, from subtle wellbeing concerns to a range of the most debilitating mental illnesses.

To help individuals improve their psychological resilience - the ability to successfully adapt and deal with life’s challenges - Psyomics created Tresilio, a sophisticated digital platform which allows individuals to take control of their own mental health.

Tresilio was the outcome of a collaborative development and design process with AXA PPP following the award of the AXA Healthcare & You grant to Psyomics. Together, we conducted a 3-month feasibility trial using our secure Tresilio platform with 300 AXA employees based in London and Glasgow. The trial successfully resulted in the collection of data, insights and feedback necessary to guide further development of workplace-based and other mental health tools.

The Tresilio platform has a simple app-like interface, through which users answer questions specifically designed to gather key mental wellbeing information regarding their mood, energy levels, sleep, overall mindset and personality, among other things. It is also possible to integrate sleep and activity data on one’s own account from a Fitbit, and order and review results from a home-based ‘biomarker’ test directly through the platform. In return, users are provided with a comprehensive profile that tracks these wellbeing aspects over time and evidence-based, personalised and actionable recommendations for any aspects they are most keen to improve.

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