Private Providers.


Enhancing services for private healthcare providers

We know that private healthcare providers want to give every client the best possible service. With a range of options and clients with varying needs, it’s important to understand each person’s unique mental health challenges. We work with private providers to help make sure their clients are accessing the best treatment, every time.

Streamlining pathways and decision making

Using our digital mental health assessment platform Censeo private healthcare providers can easily identify the key concerns and needs of every client, directing them to the right treatment and making sure they are receiving the best service.


How do we do this?

Censeo is an easy to use platform that takes users through a series of personalised questions, to build a detailed picture of their mental health symptoms, concerns and history. This information is used to generate a practical clinical report with key information and insights for better pathway and treatment planning.

Putting Censo at the front door of services can increase the value of every touch point, improving client satisfaction and helping make sure they receive the right treatment from the outset.


Many people can find it daunting to speak to a professional about their mental health. The Censeo assessment gives anyone the chance to check their mental health symptoms from the comfort of their own home and answer questions at their own pace.

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