Data Security and Standards

At Psyomics, digital security is one of our core concerns; we believe that the trust our customers place in us is a privilege that cannot be taken for granted.

Data Security

Data collected on individual users of any of our tools, such as Tresilio, is designed with a high level of protection and stored securely. For tools which we develop for third-parties, such as the Delta Trial are designed to the same high standards, but any personal information collected is only held and accessible by the researchers at the University of Cambridge running the trial. We do not have access to this information at Psyomics. As we continue to develop digital tools we will endeavour to uphold a gold standard of data protection. Security is not merely in the software products we provide but also in the overall security practice of the the company as a whole. As a result, we’re constantly working to improve our overall operational security, and are currently pursuing the ISO-27001 standard of organisational security. We are also putting systems in place to ensure that we are GDPR compliant.

Ethical and Regulatory Standards

At Psyomics, we have made the decision to adhere rigorously to a range of ethical and regulatory standards in all aspects of both research and product development.

Research aspects of our work such as the Delta Trial have been designed in collaboration with the Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research at the University of Cambridge, and strictly adhere to the University’s ethical guidelines. All elements of our software design have been approved by an independent ethics committee, who place the participants’ best interests at the centre of their stringent review process.

Our software products are developed within a transparent quality control framework to meet compliance with the IEC 63204 software development standard for medical devices. This involves clear tracking and justification of all of our development choices, and rigorous testing of all of our tools with extensive automated and user testing procedures. Our software is extensively reviewed by both our internal team and experts in software development quality control. Furthermore, we use external consultants to advise on infrastructure design.

What does this mean for our users?

The ethical oversight and compliance standards we adhere to at Psyomics ensure that the studies carried out are done safely, with the participants’ best interests - including data security, confidentiality, understanding and control - as the primary objective. Furthermore, the standards insist on the highest level of scientific rigor, resulting in valuable research outcomes that maximise our impact on the understanding of mental health. As our research evolves into product development and launch we are continuing to uphold the same philosophy and standards, helping to both guide the processes of going to market and to make sure our products are safe, easy-to-use, and of the highest quality for our users.

GDPR is the new EU regulation regarding data and privacy and goes far further than the Data Protection Act in protecting people’s rights. Our statement on GDPR can be found  here.

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