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September 2023

Optimising care pathways, increasing efficiency and improving outcomes with Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust



From September 2023, Censeo is now available  across the whole of Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) adult mental health services. This follows the establishment of a commercial arrangement with Psyomics in June 2022, and a successful pilot in two localities from July 2022. This project has served as an ideal test bed for working in partnership in a challenging environment, and has seen outstanding results.

The problem

Like all mental health services nationally, the services in Hertfordshire face significant challenges:

  • demand is increasing, with 1.4 million people (nationally) waiting for NHS funded mental health care
  • capacity is not keeping up with the increase in demand due to workforce challenges
  • significant unwarranted clinical variation exists within the triage and assessment process

    These all have a negative impact on:
  • waiting times and effective use of resource
  • satisfaction of NHS staff
  • experience of care and outcomes for patients/service users

The solution

Censeo, a mental health assessment support and reporting tool. It is a web-based medical device that requires no time from clinicians to complete and is completed in a time and place of the patient/service user's choice. Censeo then uses algorithms to analyse the self-reported responses to adaptive questions. It produces an informational report that provides supplemental details to assist clinician review and care planning.

This report includes:

  • A triage prioritisation profile
  • Possible mental health conditions flagged based on symptoms reported
  • Relevant contextual factors that may impact mental health status, and NHS MHSDS items

Partnership Objectives

There were holistic aims and intentions behind this partnership, which are aligned to both Psyomics and HPFTs purpose, vision and values. These were to:

  1. Reduce clinician time during assessment, allowing them to build a care plan and start treatment faster
  2. Improve the identification of mental health conditions
  3. Improve efficiency within service delivery
  • Results to date

    The results from the pilot have been overwhelmingly positive, from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. These include:

  • 70% completion rate 

    from 1246 patients/service users

  • 91% clinician agreement

    between care professionals view of the patient/service user and Censeo's clinical report

  • 81% of clinicians

    agreed Censeo was useful and improved quality of care

  • 75% of patients/service users

    felt positively about Censeo

  • 0 Serious Incidents, Incidents or Complaints

    involved with using Censeo


What HPFT clincians say about increased efficiency

“It did save me time on the assessment. I used the information and I had it to refer to in assessment.” – Consultant Psychiatrist


“Censeo helped streamline my assessments” – Community Psychiatric Nurse


"The assessment is more streamlined and productive. It saves me time because I focus on specific lines of questions using detailed information I already have.” – Social worker

What HPFT clinicians say about improving quality and their experience of Censeo

“It was really helpful to have so much information about the patient. When the patient has already disclosed, I know they are willing to discuss” – Consultant Psychiatrist


“I liked the way the information was presented on the report and liked having information beforehand to prepare for the assessment.It gave me a heads up on the patient and I was able to focus and give me more direction during the assessment” – Community Psychiatric Nurse


The very positive thing that it comes from a patient. It gives a true picture of how they were feeling at the time, allows you to discuss things that might never have been raised otherwise and understand that patient far more than you would’ve done. There’s nothing I dislike about Censeo…I get really excited as it makes my life easier” -  Social Worker

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