Guiding people to better mental health

Our solutions optimise care pathways and improve clinical decision making, efficiency and outcomes

The current demand for mental health care is unprecedented 

  • Rising levels of population need and acuity with 1.4 million people waiting
  • Workforce challenges across all providers, especially for registered clinicians
  • Unsustainable costs and wide ranging economic impact of mental ill-health at £120bn in the UK alone

These problems impact everyone

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Our solution is Censeo

 A web-based medical device for mental health triage and assessment which:

  • Increases accuracy of clinical decision making
  • Creates efficiencies and reduces cost
  • Improves service user/patient experience and outcomes

The Impact of Censeo

NHS Trusts & Primary Care Networks contracted for use
50 00+
completed mental health assessments
81 %
Clinicians agree Censeo improves care
50 %
Reduction in Assessment Time
91 %
Agreement between clinicians and Censeo
75 %
Service User Satisfaction

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