Understanding mental health needs.

Our technology gets to the root of mental health, helping more people find the best support for their needs, whenever they need it.

Enabling a deeper understanding of an individual’s mental health concerns and needs from the first point of contact, we are accelerating assessment and triage to get more people onto the right care pathway, faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.

Expanding capacity for care

Our clinically developed technology helps healthcare providers improve the accuracy, consistency and efficiency of their mental health assessments at all levels of care. Expanding their capacity for care by gathering a more in-depth picture of each individual’s mental health symptoms, concerns and history up-front across any pathway, allows clinicians to make better use of their limited time.

Who do we work with?

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NHS Providers

We help NHS services identify people’s mental health needs quickly and efficiently, to support clinical decision making and get patients onto the right care pathway faster.

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Private providers

We help private providers enhance their services, improve their understanding of their clients’ needs and identify the most appropriate support options based on the circumstances.

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We empower individuals with a better understanding of their own mental health. We provide recommendations for the best type of support to start working towards feeling better.

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How do we do this?

Censeo is our in-depth digital mental health assessment platform. Accessed online, Censeo guides users through personalised question flows to build a rich picture of their mental health concerns, symptoms and history. Our unique algorithms then produce a practical clinical assessment report with suggested conditions and key insights to support decision making and care planning.

What do our customers say?

Interested in how we could help you?


We work with a range of healthcare providers and organisations to enhance their pathways and service offerings. We are always keen to discuss your needs and challenges to see where we can provide value to you.