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Psyomics was spun-out from Cambridge University through the Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research (CCNR).

Led by Professor Sabine Bahn, Laboratory Director, Professor of Neurotechnology and practising NHS consultant psychiatrist, CCNR’s internationally recognised team carries out fundamental and applied research into the causes and treatment of major neuropsychiatric disorders. Seeking to translate these findings from the research lab to the front line of care, Psyomics began developing a comprehensive digital mental health assessment platform for clinical trial, with Sabine as our Chief Medical Officer. 

Conducted in collaboration with CCNR in 2018, the Delta study trial was an observational study of more than 3,000 participants and used Psyomics’ software, creating the precursor to Psyomics’ Censeo platform.

Backed by a relenting sense of purpose to improve mental health around the world our multi-professional team of clinical, tech and product experts secured their first commercial contract in 2022 with the NHS. 

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