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The right care for the right people at the right time

The effects of waiting for mental health treatment can be damaging. One in four people experience a mental health problem every year and there are currently over 1.6 million people waiting for support. Almost 40% of these said that waiting for treatment led to a further decline in their mental health.

Developed in collaboration with clinicians and service users, Censeo has been designed to bring together the needs of patients and practitioners to make a positive impact across a range of settings. Identifying an individual’s needs at the beginning of their journey increases the chance of achieving good outcomes.

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In-depth mental health assessment at scale.

Censeo is a comprehensive digital mental health assessment platform. Users are guided through an online series of adaptive questions, to build a detailed picture of their mental health symptoms and concerns. Algorithms are used to generate a clinical assessment report, to support healthcare professionals with treatment and pathway planning.


Built on robust clinical foundations

Built with input from a range of professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists, Censeo comprises a comprehensive bank of 1400+ questions. Algorithms are used to select the most appropriate questions for each user, to build the most accurate picture of their mental health.

The clinical logic has been developed using standard clinical frameworks such as the diagnostic criteria within the DSM-5 and ICD-11.Censeo also incorporates widely used measures such as PHQ-9 and GAD-7 to assess mental health presentations at all levels to support pathway planning.

Who is it for?

Censeo has been developed to help a range of different healthcare services to assess and triage the mental health concerns and needs of their service users, at any level. The assessment is designed to be used for people between the ages of 18 and 65.



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