Dr Melinda Rees

Melinda has successfully transitioned an NHS senior-level 20-year clinical career as a pioneering Consultant Clinical Psychologist into a series of strategic leadership positions in the international and independent healthcare sector.

Recently joining Psyomics, her 4th start-up in healthcare, she is confident that the company has a great product that will help solve the biggest problem facing all healthcare providers – the growing demand for clinical treatment against the inadequate supply of clinicians. This is not only a problem in the UK and Western World, but also a Global challenge which requires a leapfrog solution.

Melinda’s passion for healthcare is motivated by her human rights agenda. She enjoys the creative opportunity to cross fertilise industries, she delights in developing, empowering and leading people, systems and organisations to nimble and novel solutions.

Having driven the development of award-winning teams, Melinda is adept at identifying both business and customer needs and designing effective frameworks to meet these.

She easily engages stakeholders at all levels to create motivated and proactive partnerships to ensure high quality healthcare delivery, and business excellence, often within highly regulated environments.

Turns out the skills of a therapist are transferable!

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