Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

Professor/Dr Sabine Bahn

Sabine has dedicated more than 25 years to researching the molecular basis of mental illness, co-authoring more than 200 research papers on disorders including bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder. Her research group has contributed to launching the world’s first commercially available diagnostic aid for schizophrenia in collaboration with the NASDAQ-listed diagnostics company Myriad Genetics Inc.

As co-founder of Psyomics Ltd, and head of the Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research, Sabine is leading a team of scientists working on developing blood-based tests for bipolar disorder and major depression, as well incorporating evidence-based mental health research into the development of our digital tools.

As a practicing psychiatrist at the Cambridge and Peterborough NHS trust, Sabine has direct experience of the clinical need for new digital and biological tools for tackling some of the fundamental challenges in mental health. operations, including the development and implementation of a highly sophisticated learning and development platform for clinicians that greatly strengthened the company’s value proposition.

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